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State of the art

  • Haptic feedback for UIs

    Haptic feedback for UIsHaptic feedback for UIs

    A2020-016 | Jakub Stachowski

    This invention describes a simple implementation of haptic feedback by using a few additional actuators known as ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) or LRA (Linear Resonant Actuators). The actuator used is a coil integrated into a flexible printed circuit board. When current is applied to this coil, a magnetic field is induced which interacts with a magnetic field generated by a magnet or with a magnetic field generated by another stationary coil. The magnet or the stationary coil are arranged on or in a rigid component. The magnetic force bends the flexible circuit board and moves the flexible part toward the rigid component until the flexible part collides with the rigid component. At the moment the flexible part collides with the rigid component, a knocking effect is generated and a haptic feedback is produced.

  • Acoustic signals for electronics

    Acoustic signals for electronicsAcoustic signals for electronics

    A2017-007 | Alexander Strauß

    The invention is based on acoustic signals that can be generated by electronics when powered. The sounds are generated by components which are required for normal operation but not intended for sound generation.

  • Low-Capacitance Design for Operation of LEDs

    Low-Capacitance Design for Operation of LEDsLow-Capacitance Design for Operation of LEDs

    G2016-016 | Uwe Nieberlein, Günther Köninger

    Glow effects may occur on LED (Light Emitting Diode) light devices operated in an AC network – especially with sinusoidal voltage supply – when in "off" state, i.e. when the light devices are switched off and therefore should be dark.

  • TC Rotary Knob with slider Sensor

    TC Rotary Knob with slider SensorTC Rotary Knob with slider Sensor

    A2015-009 | Mathew Schwind

    A rotary knob utilizing capacitive sensing to detect the movement of an indexed ring is suggested. Consumers are interested in a knob with an integrated user interface. Preferably this knob shall be rotating. Further a knob with metal look and feel is preferred, as it gives a worthy appearance.

  • Fiber Optic Knob for a front panel

    Fiber Optic Knob for a front panelFiber Optic Knob for a front panel

    A2017-016 | Piotr Kijewski

    This idea suggests an optical transfer system. The optical transfer system transmits an image of a display located behind electronics of a front panel to the surface of a knob located on the front panel.

  • Pitch-washing-controlled washing machine

    Pitch-washing-controlled washing machinePitch-washing-controlled washing machine

    A2017-006 | Georg Arnold

    A device is proposed by means of which the slope of a washing machine drum can be adjusted.

  • Connector with integrated temperature detection

    Connector with integrated temperature detectionConnector with integrated temperature detection

    A2015-015 | Andreas Brauchle, Simon Bihler

    A connector which is not placed correctly on a contact heats up and may catch fire. This risk is particularly high when high currents flow as is the case, for example, in electric-motor electronics.

  • sensor network for terrain surveillance

    sensor network for terrain surveillancesensor network for terrain surveillance

    B2017-011 | Andre Selz

    The proposed technical solution concerns a sensor network consisting of a variety of sensors for surveillance-relevant parameters, which can be placed in a terrain and are self-networking.

  • Appliance into special operation modes

    Appliance into special operation modesAppliance into special operation modes

    A2018-025 | Sascha Laue, Thomas Zodel, Tobias Hartmann

    This invention solves the problem of putting an appliance into demo mode, without the risk that the customer enables this mode by accident. Further it transfers and updates demo mode data to the appliance.

  • Device and procedure for defusing ouds

    Device and procedure for defusing ouds