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Tobias Seethaler

Moving opens up new paths

The Gauting site where fresh and waste water systems for airplanes are manufactured, is no longer flexible enough for the increasing order volume. 10 kilometers away in Gilching, Diehl Aviation is positioning itself anew.

„The planning already started a year ago. The challenge was to reorganize logistics while simultaneously reducing the floor space by 600 sqm,” Seethaler reports. „When management gave the green light, we involved the department heads of related fields and thoroughly examined all processes so we could reorganize ourselves.“

A total of 7,200 articles had to be relocated – while day-to-day business continued. “When examining our processes, we found a lot of optimization potential. At Gilching, we have made new arrangements: whereas bills of materials were previously kept manually, they are now processed by means of scanners. Through our station principle, machines and workplaces are provided with material four times a day by means of internal transports. “Thus, we are much more flexible and work hand in hand with our colleagues from other departments.”

And as this was a favorable opportunity, repair recording was reorganized by the logistics team together with the repair service: „Instead of a handwritten paper form which is entered in the system only after several process steps by another department, it is now entered directly in the ERP system. Repair recording is thus reduced to 15 minutes per unit, which results in a time saving of approx. 600 hours per year. So, we get a step closer to our objective of returning a repaired unit to the customer after a maximum of 15 days.“

Tobias Seethaler is satisfied: „The harmonious cooperation with our sister company in Dresden clearly facilitated our move. And not only that: „This cooperation also strengthened the cooperation between Dresden and Gilching. Every logistics employee can now help out at the sister company without any problems.“