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Philipp Heinl

Learning in a team

"Our apprentices are challenged professionally and personally from the first day," Philipp Heinl explains. "In my capacity as a trainer, I'm responsible for future industrial mechanics as well as metal specialist personnel and always available as contact person."

For one year, the trainer is responsible for the development of his apprentices: "First of all, the schedule comprises the basics of metalwork for the young professionals, which means boring and filing easy parts. Subsequently, metal parts are milled. If this works fine, soldering and welding are trained. This is managed in small projects, which help apprentices learn to steadily develop their skills. The apprentices are allowed to take the result, such as a vise manufactured by themselves or a clamping device, home with them."

As trainer, Philipp Heinl demands a lot but he also supports learning: "We quickly realize which learning speed is appropriate for the young specialist staff. During filing training, first groups are formed already. We as trainers make sure that everybody has the time needed to learn at his or her own speed."

Philipp HeinlPhilipp Heinl

Personal development does not go short: "Apart from technical education, we pay a lot of attention to the development of personal skills in DAQ. For example, we have a communication seminar in which we train phone techniques, team-minded behavior and how to better evaluate own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we also offer computer trainings, seminars for presentation techniques and a health day."

The apprentices are often on the move for a better view beyond the horizon: "We visit our operating sites and take part in training events. The graduation trip to Berlin explaining the political processes and the most important institutions of our country completes the program.

What are the next steps after the training? "After one and a half years, the first part of the final exam is due to take

place. Subsequently the apprentices go to Diehl Metall in Röthenbach. They continue to learn practically in tool manufacturing, manufacturing or maintenance.

We take over all apprentices unless the expectations on both sides do match or he/she does not pass the exam. This happens rarely. We support upcoming exams by offering learning material and former exams," Philipp Heinl says. "The basis of our team culture is the relation to our apprentices on equal terms."

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    Partnership on equal termsPartnership on equal terms

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