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Stefan Räder

Meeting people on an equal footing

„Each time I arrive on Jamaica – I have been living there for many months in recent years – I hear the Jamaicans say „The Metering guy is back!“ That’s a great honor for me,“ Stefan Raeder underlines,“because you have to gain the people’s trust if you want to get a foothold in Jamaica as a company.”

Everything started six years ago: „In 2013, the water authority in Jamaica wanted to improve its water network and to replace the simple mechanical water meters. For this purpose, they procured water meters from various suppliers and tested them intensively under the local conditions. Our HYDRUS  came off best.“

Stefan RäderStefan Räder
Ultrasonic technology training for the employees of the BWA (Barbados Water Authority) with Diehl Metering.

The water network on Jamaica places special requirements on a water meter: it has to be robust and only measure the water consumption, even if there is sand in the pipes. A mechanical meter is not suited for that. It also measures air in the pipe or is blocked when too much sand is transported in the water. Due to ultrasonic measurement, the HYDRUS can determine the water consumption exactly. It was selected for a test project on Jamaica.

“In 2014, we received an order for installation of 50,000 Hydrus water meters for the pilot project, which was executed successfully. In 2017, another contract was concluded with the water authority for 450,000 meters,” project manager Räder reports. “Thus, all water meters on Jamaica are replaced by the HYDRUS, as was the case on Barbados in 2015.”

The authority and the end customers profit from the ultrasonic technology: the system not only shows the meter reading but also warns if there is probably a leak. The expected consumption rate is also shown to the customers“, the expert explains.

Through the modernization with smart meters, the Jamaican water authority invests in the water network and quality. Further water providers on the Caribbean islands now follow their example. “As close to the customer as possible – that’s our credo in international sales. Providing support on an equal footing is the key to success: as a technician, I can explain the product and any innovations in detail. Only as a competent partner, I can convince the customer.”