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Martin Weinmann

In the field of electronic system solutions, Diehl Controls counts among the global market leaders in the appliance industry. Many functions of household appliances could only be made possible thanks to complex technology offered by Diehl Controls. Engines of washing machines have to be controlled in order to work as energy-efficient as possible: This is the task of the inverter. In this way, in the past ten years alone, the drive units of washing machines could almost halve their power con-sumption thanks to the technology from the German Alpine region. More than 25 years ago, Controls was one of the first companies to develop this control technology and still ranks among the leading companies in this product segment.  

Martin WeinmannMartin Weinmann
From the German Alpine region into the big wide world – the inverter technology by Diehl Controls.

But Diehl Controls inverters can not only be found in washing machines. The technology from the German Alpine region is also sought after in laundry dryers, conditioning devices or space heating with heat pumps. "Our inverters are used in various different products. We open up new product worlds on a regular basis," underlines Martin Weinmann. In the white goods sector, high quality has to be constantly delivered while producing quantities of millions. This quality standard is also a decisive factor for other appliances such as cooling and air-conditioning technology or the mobility sector. In addition, our inverters are able to control different engines in one device in a tuned way. As a result, the efficiency of the devices is further increased.

On the road, fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel have been dominating for a long time but here increasing electromobility shows the change of direction as well. A prerequisite for such a change of direction however is that efficient and suitable technologies are available because more and more drive units are electrically driven and therefore require intelligent control units. At the same time "energy saving" has become a megatrend. For this, comprehensive know-how is required: attractive development options for Diehl Controls inverters.