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Ingo Weber

Innovation ahead

Diehl Advanced Mobility GmbH has already been producing cell contact systems for the automotive industry for 10 years. Those systems are used in different hybrid and electric vehicles.

"Which added value do you provide? – this is the question where we score points with customers," explains Ingo Weber. Head of Predevelopment at Diehl Advanced Mobility in Zehdenick: "We are working on offering real innovations on the dynamic market of electromobility. We are experts in the field of cell contact systems and are pushing ahead innovation around battery systems in cars."

The trend toward electromobility is unbroken and the legislation aims at permanently establishing alternative drives.

Ingo Weber Ingo Weber
Cell contact systems serve the drive of modern fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles.

"My scope of work and my team have strongly changed in the past years. This was absolutely necessary because we need the creative potential of our colleagues to be agile on the market," Ingo Weber reports.

Future as an order

"We are currently working on pioneering projects to improve the most expensive part in an electric vehicle - the battery. "There are different approaches that are all revolving around sustainability," the expert explains. "On the one hand, the life cycle of batteries shall be extended, in other words: the efficiency shall be increased. An electric vehicle should be used as long as possible. On the other hand, we have developed possibilities that render the recycling of battery units possible. We have great hopes for the "re-manufacturing". In future, it must be possible to recycle batteries in order to save resources."

Sustainability is also a personal concern for the Head of Predevelopment: "The question is which kind of world we would like leave our children."

  • As an automotive supplier, we actively contribute our core competencies for sustainable mobility solutions and thus help shape the mobility of tomorrow.

     Electromobility at Diehl Metall

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