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Heinz Peter Geiger

Environment meets industry

„Corporate Environmental Management, of course, comes into play “after the horse has left the barn”, so it's too late to close the door, for instance, if hazardous waste contaminates the soil or ground water. The damage must be eliminated. That’s always bad for the environment and for the people and, of course, for the location as well,” Heinz-Peter Geiger declares: “However, that’s rarely the case with us. We bear responsibility for the soil we have been entrusted with.”

Heinz Peter GeigerHeinz Peter Geiger

Mr. Geiger relies on prevention: „Imagine a production site operating a large machine that holds 1000 liters of oil. It might happen that the machine becomes leaky or someone drives a forklift truck into the machine so that oil leaks out. The soil and water damage must be eliminated at great expense of time and money. Therefore, so-called secondary safety systems are installed, for example, a collection pan to avoid environmental damage.”

To systematically manage the impacts of industry on the environment, all locations are certified according to the worldwide valid standard ISO 14001. 75% of all locations have already been certified.


We continuously improve our environmental compatibility. One example is our Nonnweiler site. Waste management has been optimized there. Together with a waste management expert, the processes were investigated on site to identify potential for optimization.”

Waste quantities and types as well as records were checked, contracts were adapted and disposal processes were improved. “Previously, commercial waste was sent to an external waste incineration plant. Now, the waste passes again through a sorting plant: although we sort a lot on site, the waste is checked again for reusable materials so that the residual waste quantity that must be incinerated is reduced and the climate is protected,” the Environment Manager says.

The adjustments in waste management even generate cost savings. So, this sets a good example for other locations in the corporate group.