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Dr. Christoph Heinle

Those who share knowledge, get more

For engineers, electronic products are like a large construction kit consisting over and over again of the same components: electronics, software and mechanical parts. "What sounds so simple requires considerable experience and know-how. We create new types of products and push ahead the digital transformation by intelligently combining different technologies," underlines Dr. Christoph Heinle, Advanced Products & Technologies Manager at Diehl Controls. With more than 75 years of experience, Diehl Controls ranks among the leading experts for smart solutions, not only in the white goods sector. The specialist knowledge of the German technology enterprise in the field of electronics is in demand in many other sectors.

If you take a look at the street, you increasingly notice vehicles covering ever greater distances completely electronically and almost noiselessly. Important for this are high-performance battery systems: Many battery cells are linked by means of cell contact systems to combine the energy of each individual cell at best. "The cell contact systems manufactured by our Diehl Metall colleagues will from now on be equipped with sensors from Diehl Controls. In this way, we would like contribute to tomorrow's mobility and to make it even smarter and more secure for everybody," explains Dr. Christoph Heinle.

Dr. Christoph Heinle Dr. Christoph Heinle
Small but full of know-how: the IoT Button of Diehl Controls

Diehl Controls was originally involved in the field of white goods, but the aviation industry as well has an interest in the technology from the south of Germany. Thus, the robust IoT Button - an intelligent button with touch technology made out of metal - was jointly developed with Diehl Aviation. In its capacity as operating element for fresh and waster water management of aircraft, the intelligent IoT Button is located at the outer shell and is exposed to wind, weather and cold. This is the reason why the shell needs to be completely waterproof, stable and easy to clean. "It is not just because of Corona that users frequently wish for products which are easy to clean and which can be managed completely by gestures without any contact," explains Heinle. Diehl Controls has already identified this need several years ago and extended its expertise in the field of operating technologies.

The similarity between a washing machine, an electric vehicle and an aircraft is surely not obvious but Diehl Controls technologies can be the connecting element.

  • Diehl Controls puts its know-how on the road

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