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Daniel Rohn

Employees may often find themselves in an incalculable situation: dynamic changes on the market create unspecific demands for projects. Project purposes become more complex and open. The Inhouse Consulting has been busy for years dealing intensively with the change:

"At the moment, we are in the middle of a generation change. Our experts go into retirement and many young employees follow. Simultaneously the corporate group becomes more and more digital and agile," Inhouse Consultant Daniel Rohn states. "In our capacity as consultants for the Defence Corporate Division we guide our most important resource, our employees."

Inhouse Consulting pushes the internal development of methods and people and ensures in addition standardized processes and standards in the corporate division:

"We are up to date for the corporate group: We discover new methods, test them on their suitability for our special requirements in the project business, adapt methods and provide the employees with those methods," Daniel Rohn, who joined the Inhouse Consulting directly after his master's degree, explains.

Daniel Rohn Daniel Rohn

"Examples for such adapted methods are agile team meetings in combination with Kanban boards in our production line or project rooms offering analog and digital media in order to bring the greatest possible transparency to the operative project business."

Employees have a key role: "We train our employees to organize themselves optimally to be able to act agile and proactive in such a complex field of action."

And strong employees make the corporate division successful: "Diehl Defence hat 18 locations worldwide. We, in our capacity as Inhouse Consultants, have to create a corporate-wide standard for work methods and offer at the same time a modern workplace including new methods to ensure that all experts can communicate on the same level. Only in this way can we remain an attractive employer and retain our economic strength."