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Brief Report on Business Development in Fiscal Year 2017 and the Expectations for 2018

Diehl Holding

Solid business development at Diehl

Strong growth in sales and income

In fiscal year 2017, corporate sales increased by 9.9% to € 3,749.2 million so that last year’s sales target of € 3.6 billion was clearly exceeded. Except for Metering, all corporate divisions contributed to that growth. The number of employees also increased by 788 persons, i.e. 4.8%, to 17.173. The generated EBIT of € 274.3 million was distinctly above the 2016 figure of € 174.7 million. In the year under review, the group invested a total of € 104.2 million (2016: € 116 million). R&D expenses rose distinctly to € 307.3 million (2016: € 245.9 million). This was attributable, among other things, to the further increase in development expenses in the field of cabin equipment at Diehl Aviation.

Focus on digital transformation

Digital transformation is omnipresent, also in the Diehl Group. That process launched by the Executive Board has initiated a paradigm shift in the company, which is to lead to next-generation products and business processes. Diehl sees the digital transformation as an opportunity to align the current and future business even more closely with the needs of customers and partners. Diehl has established an organizational unit within the Group and within the corporate divisions to manage and advance this process.

2018: Positive development will continue

When weighing up the opportunities and risks, there are some indications that the Diehl Group will continue the positive development of recent years. The Diehl Group will therefore continue to be stable in its markets in 2018, and the Group is aiming for consolidated sales of € 3.8 billion, with almost the same earnings level. Diehl has the freedom to think in the long term.