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Brief Report on Business Development in Fiscal Year 2015 and the Expectations for 2016

Diehl Holding

2015: Airbus A350 development successfully completed - production run-up is proceeding well

In the Airbus A350 XWB program, all performance parameters were achieved with a huge effort in 2015, and production run-up is also proceeding well, which is an outstanding success in view of the high complexity of our total of 15 work packages.  

Wangen site is "Factory of the year" – starting out for the digital revolution  

The development of Controls in a difficult market environment was also of major importance. The strong growth achieved in all business units is largely due to a highly efficient global manufacturing network. In the renowned benchmark contest "Factory of the year / Global Excellence in Operations", Diehl Controls was awarded the First Prize. This award is an impressive acknowledgment on our path of digital transformation.  

Positive development in 2015 concealed by additional accruals for pensions

In fiscal year 2015, the Diehl Group achieved sales of € 3,108.5 million, thus € 69.4 million or 2.3% more than in the year before. Controls and Aerosystems saw distinct growth, Metering was slightly above the 2014 figure whereas Metall – due to lower metal prices – and Defence dropped below the previous year's level. In 2015, the net operating income only amounted to € 84.0 million (€ 134.1 million in 2014) as a result of additional accruals for pensions necessary because of falling interest rates. The net income for the year was € 37.1 million compared to € 80.0 million in the year before.  

2016: Distinctly higher sales growth than in 2015 and higher income expected

Owing to program-related effects, Aerosystems sales will grow strongly. Defence, Controls and Metering also expect sales growth whereas Metall will increase its processing proceeds but not its total sales due to the falling copper prices.  

Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH and Diehl Venture GmbH founded

Diehl pushes ahead with innovations through the foundation of two companies. Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS) is the point of contact for the household appliance industry and energy providers in terms of energy and equipment management. Diehl Ventures GmbH participates in the activities of young start-up companies in areas with high innovation potential to secure access to new technologies.