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Smart Eco System featured in Experimental Laboratory Project

Diehl Controls, Connectivity Solutions

On February 20, the “WUN Experimental Laboratory Energy” was opened in the Upper Franconia town of Wunsiedel. The Living Lab will test the use of flexible heat accumulators which will be heated up with renewable energy load peaks. The practical project will be networked using the Energy Management System from Diehl Controls and Glen Dimplex. 

Overview Smart Eco System

Energy providers and network operators, in the scope of the energy revolution, are more often faced with the problem that energy from renewable electricity production brings about load peaks in the networks. Just how an innovative energy management tool works and how customers can profit from lower energy prices is currently being tested by the energy provider SWW Wunsiedel in a living laboratory constructed in a showcase flat. 

Diehl Controls and Glen Dimplex provide an important building block for this project with the Smart Eco System central unit. All energy devices such as the room heat pump and the hot water cylinders from Glen Dimplex are connected to the central unit using sensors and sensing devices. The devices have a direct connection to the SWW Wunsiedel Smart Eco control centre through an internet connection. If the energy provider notices load peaks from renewable energy, then the energy devices receive a signal through the Smart Eco System central unit to heat up. Whereas storage heaters used to heat up overnight, this now takes place at a time which makes sense for the energy and network providers. This occurs when the solar electricity and wind energy are most efficiently available. 

The Smart Eco System offers not only the communication of preferences between energy device and energy provider but also the visualisation and the control of energy devices by tenants and residents. It can switch individual energy devices on and off using the innovative app for smartphone and tablet PC and thereby even allows for an overview of the individual energy management outside the living area. The Living Laboratory in Wunsiedel shows as a practical example how the individual components can communicate with each other, making a complex installation of cables unnecessary.  

The “WUN Experimental Laboratory Energy” is an important building block for research and testing of intelligent as well as resource and energy efficient technology in personal living spaces and is grant-aided by the Bavarian Ministry for Business and Energy. Due to the current challenges of the energy revolution, it has also received a high level of media resonance.



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