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IBM and Diehl Controls to build a Common Platform for Device Monitoring

Diehl Controls, Connectivity Solutions

The pilot project to process data from Internet of Things to make new services and business models possible for appliance manufacturers and energy companies.  

IBM and Diehl Controls, a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and control technology, have announced a pilot Cloud platform. The platform will make it possible for appliance manufacturers to monitor the status of their appliances installed in the customer's household remotely and based on data collected from the Internet of Things (loT). The same platform can also be used by energy companies in order to better control the energy supply. 

The announcement appeared in the scope of the recently completed investment of IBM in the amount of three billion US dollars for the expansion of the new loT business unit over the next four years. Almost all appliance manufacturers and energy companies are currently working on solutions for the Smart Home; however, up until now, there have only been isolated solutions in the area of Smart Homes for the operation of devices in the form of Apps; energy companies are also lacking the right tools for new services. 

The new platform from Diehl and IBM will give appliance manufacturers tools in real-time for predictive maintenance, software updates, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting to enable them to offer the appropriate services online. In the case that a clothes dryer needs a new lint filter for example, the customer can be informed directly by email or rather, a maintenance appointment can be arranged. 

“The loT generates large quantities of data – from Smartphones, vehicles, household appliances and industrial equipment – which is collected, analyzed and processed for active use,” says Pat Toole, General Manager, IBM; Internet of Things. “IBM is working together with Diehl on a new generation of services for networked devices to better meet the customer's needs.”  

The Cloud Platform from Diehl and IBM can also be used by energy suppliers and the energy trade, for instance, for the data collection in the decentralizing of energy supply through solar panels or heat pumps. Using the Remote Energy Management Control Center and based on actual consumption data, the feeding in of regenerative energy or current trade prices for supply and pricing structure can be further optimized. The Remote Energy Management Control Center processes the individually collected data from the sensors in a household and sends them directly to the Cloud by router. 

“Through our strategic partnership with IBM, we have new possibilities in the management of decentralized energy supply through the networking of intelligent devices over an integrated Cloud Platform,” says Robert Tippmann, Director Smart Home / Energy Management Solutions Diehl Controls. “With this, we move from a manufacturer for intelligent sensors and control technology to a digital service provider.” 

The partner Technicolor / Virdata will supply the technological basis to ensure a stable connection of a large number of devices simultaneously. IBM will integrate the software from Virdata in its infrastructure model and offer this as Cloud Service on the IBM SoftLayer. 

Diehl has decided to use SoftLayer as an infrastructure solution for this project with IBM. IBM SoftLayer offers the necessary scalability, flexibility and speed which Diehl needs for the further development and distribution of their solution.



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