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Diehl takes the Smart Home into the Cloud

Diehl Controls, Connectivity Solutions

Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS), a new Diehl Controls subsidiary since January 1st 2016, connects different smart, connected applications in a central cloud. The Diehl Connectivity Platform, online now for household appliance manufacturers and power utilities, is set to become the focal point of energy and device management. 

The cloud-based Diehl Connectivity Platform is online and has added to the DCS portfolio of connectivity solutions for the Smart Home. Specialized in IoT solutions, DCS with its cloud platform has set up a safe haven for smart, connected applications where digital data can be stored securely and evaluated intelligently. The cloud is linked to the central unit developed by Diehl Controls that serves as a gateway, collecting and transmitting data from connected appliances in the home. Energy management in its entirety can be handled uniformly for homes and buildings via the gateway and the cloud. Users can access in real time via a smartphone or web app digital data from the PV inverter, refrigerator or central heating and remote control or operate the integrated systems, and consumption can be optimized or planned precisely by implementing the latest weather data and forecasts. 

“The Connectivity Platform opens up for us and our customers an entirely new range of services and additional value streams,” says Robert Tippmann, CEO of Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH. “We offer our business partners access to an innovative cloud infrastructure that not only meets high security standards but is also available worldwide and is practically infinitely scalable.” 

DCS benefits from IBM implementation support – both with content and in a consulting capacity. With its cloud platform DCS has established an IoT environment where digital data is not only securely stored and evaluated but is also available for further applications. Companies can connect and monitor all of their gateways centrally in the cloud, for example, thereby inter alia simplifying gateway management to install updates for the central unit, for instance, or to save the configuration data of connected gateways. Multiple redundancy underpins the Diehl Connectivity Platform’s operational reliability and a public key infrastructure ensures secure, certificated and encrypted communication between back end and front end. 

The Diehl Connectivity Platform is the basis for much of the value chain within the energy industry, regardless whether it is for household appliance manufacturers or for power utilities. Companies connect their machines, products, and technologies via the cloud and integrate different IoT services. This is the way to achieve end-to-end maintenance management from predictive maintenance via software updates to remote diagnosis and error rectification. The IoT solution recognizes in real time, for example, why household appliances or the heating have broken down and which spare parts are required for the upcoming repair job. That not only reduces maintenance costs and save resources but also enhances customer satisfaction and the service concept. 

Power utilities and energy traders can use the cloud platform to implement energy management that coordinates production and consumption. Digital data for local power supplies from solar panels or heat pumps is collected on the Diehl Connectivity Platform. The IoT-System can control and coordinate smart electricity feed-in from solar plants, wind farms or hydroelectric power stations. On the basis of the latest trading prices companies can also adjust energy supplies and pricing to changing requirements and situations at any time. 

“The architecture of our system and the fact that we use open source software modules enable our customers to establish a flexible IoT environment that they can operate in the cloud or at their own data center,” Tippmann adds. “In addition, our platform is designed to be continuously expandable. In a next step we aim, for example, to integrate services around remote services, shop systems, or Industrie 4.0.” 



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