Power Sources Conference 2014


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Power Sources Conference 2014

Taking place in a biannual rhythm the Power Sources Conference is one of the most important exhibitions and information sources in the sector of military energy supply for both defense industry and many international government representatives and military personnel. As in previous years, Diehl & Eagle Picher took again part in the 46th Power Sources Conference from 9 to 12 July 2014 in Orlando, Florida, giving lectures on “Alternative Power Supply for Medium Caliber Fuzes” and “Fast Activating Miniature Lithium Thionylchloride Reserver Battery”. Since thermal and reserve (Li/SOCl2) batteries dominate energy supplies of missiles and munition fuzes and an increasing number of customers demand for alternate solutions D&EP focused on presenting new development results this time. In our first lecture we particularly introduced alternative energy supply systems compared with Pb/PbO2 batteries yet deployed in medium caliber applications. For some time now D&EP has been engaged with the development of self-heated thermo electric generators. First prototypes were presented during the lecture. The second lecture also dealt with one of D&EP’s latest developments: a miniaturized Li/SOCl2 reserve battery. D&EP presented miniaturized products in Li/SOCl2 technology and simultaneously follows the trend of diminution of existing energy systems demanded more and more by customers.

Both presentations you can find here: Alternative Power Supply for Medium Caliber Fuzes Fast Activating Miniature Lithium Thionylchlorid Reserve Battery also at our downloadcenter document type presentation. 

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