NDIA Fuze Conference 2016


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NDIA Fuze Conference 2016/ Product Presentation

From 3rd to 5th May 2016 the 59th NDIA Fuze Conference took place in Charleston, South Caroline (USA). Again Diehl & Eagle Picher participated both with a lecture and a small display of the reserve battery product portfolio.

In the lecture “In Barrel Power Supply” D&EP demonstrated the historic development of large caliber fuzes and their energy sources and by way of comparison lead to the upcoming demanding developments in the middle caliber sector. Furthermore D&EP explained some examples of fuze batteries in Lithium technology for middle caliber fuzes, which are developed and manufactured by D&EP. These batteries show very short activation times even under extreme environmental conditions (high rotational speed and high acceleration). Particularly the quick activation of the battery and thus its immediate ability to perform will be more and more required by customers for new and advanced development of electronic proximity or airburst fuzes, etc. .

For interested participants and visitors D&EP displayed reliable products as well as new developments in the fuze sector on a tabletop during the conference.

Further information as well as more detailed documents on both lectures and our product flyer can be retrieved in our download center .

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