NDIA Fuze Conference 2015


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NDIA Fuze Conference 2015/ Product Presentation

This year Diehl & Eagle Picher again participated in the NDIA Fuze Conference both giving a lecture on its product portfolio and displaying some of its specialties in the fuze sector. Particularly international defence companies as well as US‐government representatives and military personnel readily attend this annual conference to exchange important innovations and information regarding fuzes for military applications. By the lecture “Lead is dead” Diehl & Eagle Picher presented itself on the 58th NDIA Fuze Conference from 7th to 9th July 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), as done so in previous years.

In the presentation D&EP showed the historic development of fuze batteries, which had been manufactured of lead‐lead dioxide during the first and second half of last century. In the course of technological progress around the turn of the century lithium technology found its way into these special products. Moreover the many advantages of lithium technology compared with outdated lead‐lead dioxid technology were explained. The transition is furthermore supported by the ever increasing energy demands in electronic fuzes for artillery and medium caliber applications as more and more fuze manufacturers replace their lead‐lead dioxide energy supplies and new developments generally call for lithium technology.

Besides D&EP managed to arrange for a tabletop display vividly showing reliable products and even some new developments in the fuze battery sector to interested participants during the conference.

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