NDIA Fuze Conference 2014


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NDIA Fuze Conference 2014

Every year international defense companies as well as US government officials and military personnel take advantage of the NDIA Fuze Conference exchanging information and important innovations in the fuze sector for military applications. Giving lectures on “Small, High Specific Energy Power Sources for Medium Caliber Fuzes” and “Future Electronic Fuzing for Enhanced Effects” Diehl & Eagle Picher took again part in the 57th NDIA Fuze Conference in Newark, New Jersey, from 29 to 31 July 2014. Furthermore D&EP gained a seat in the International Fuze Seminar being held simultaneously. In a 20 minutes one-to-one meeting D&EP managed to introduce their production capacities as well as their development capabilities to government representatives and policy-makers of the US Department of State.

In our first lecture, D&EP portrayed the general energy demands in electronic fuzes, explained differences between power and energy density, and showed correct approaches to, respectively, products for energy supplies to be particularly but not exclusively deployed in medium calibers. An overview of future electronic technologies was given in our second lecture. Especially the supply with sufficient energy in the growing market of electronic fuzes  will play an important part. D&EP published a new product flyer “Family of New Miniaturized Energy Sources for Fuzes” showing their latest developments.

Both presentations and the new product flyer you can find here:

Future Electronic Fuzing for Enhanced Effects , Small high specific Energy Power Sources for Medium Caliber Fuzes and Brochure Family of new miniaturized energy sources for fuzes  

and also in our downloadcenter .

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