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Precision and protection

Diehl Defence

At this year´s Singapore International Air Show, Diehl Defence is showcasing missile, air defence and ammunition expertise providing armed forces highest possible precision and protection for their manifold missions. The focus is on flexible system solutions for ground-based air defence.

The IRIS-T SLS/SLM short- and medium range air defence systems possess open system architectures providing maximum flexibility for new weapon system requirements as well as the modernization of legacy equipment. The IRIS-T is among the most advanced, short-range air-to-air guided missiles worldwide. It is in use in ten air forces as a standard weapon of the combat aircraft types Eurofighter/Typhoon, F-16, EF-18, Tornado and Gripen. IRIS-T is a genuine, pan-European cooperation program with Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Spain under the industrial management of Diehl Defence. The design of the new IRIS-T SL surface-to-air guided missile allows easy integration in various existing and future air defence systems. The missile was selected for the German Army´s Tactical Air Defence.

The Laser-Guided Sidewinder is an offspring of the Sidewinder AIM-9L family designed for air-to-ground missions. Replacement of the Sidewinder seeker in the guidance and control section by a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker offers a cost-effective solution for new mission scenarios by a missile already integrated in numerous combat aircraft.

The future, multi-role IDAS missile allows submerged submarines to defend themselves against threats from the air and to precisely engage naval vessels as well as land targets near the coast. Thanks to an innovative fibre-optic data link, the submarine´s operator is also capable of controlling the missile during the entire flight providing the opportunity of target change, correction of target impact or mission abort.

Diehl´s ammunition portfolio includes the new VULCANO guided ammunition family. It combines satellite-based navigation with laser- or infrared sensor guidance making it the most accurate artillery ammunition worldwide. Ground and maritime targets can be engaged successfully at distances of up to 100 km with just one shot. Delivery of the VULCANO guided ammunition family 127 mm/155 mm to the German and Italian armed forces is scheduled to begin in 2017/2018.