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Corvette armament operational

Diehl Defence

The German-Swedish anti-ship missile RBS15 Mk3 completed its operational test successfully thereby achieving qualification. Operational capability was proved with the German Navy´s corvette “Magdeburg” at a test site in Swedish territorial waters at the end of April. The operational test comprises the entire performance record ranging from target assignment, mission planning to missile launch and striking the target.   

Diehl Defence supplies the anti-ship missile RBS15 Mk3 as main armament of the German Navy´s new K130 corvettes. The missile is a result of Diehl´s and Saab´s joint refinement of the Mark 2 version which has proved its worth with the Swedish and other navies. RBS15 Mk3 can not only engage naval targets, but is also capable of precise engagement of land targets. Next to  Germany, the Polish and Swedish Navies are among the European customers.