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  • HPEM (High Power Electro-Magnetic) case

    jpg2.72 MiB2019-06-19

    HPEM source integrated in a case – compact HPEM source, integrated in a case, allowing deactivation of alarm systems, disruption of computers and neutralization of eavesdropping devices.

  • HPEMcounter-UAS-Effektor

    jpg4.30 MiB2019-06-19

    HPEM source to counter mini drones Diehl Defence´s HPEMcounter-UAS effector, via electromagnetic impulses, has a direct impact on the guidance electronics of mini drones causing mission abort.

  • IDAS – Guided missile system for self-defence of submarines

    jpg1.55 MiB2019-06-18

    IDAS is a self-defence missile system enabling submerged submarines high-precision engagement of anti-submarine warfare helicopters, small surface vessels and littoral targets.

  • Infrared detectors

    jpg1.15 MiB2019-06-19

    Stirling coolers and thermal imagers for military applications

  • IRIS-T air-to-air missile

    jpg1.80 MiB2019-06-18

    Within the context of a European cooperation program, the new IRIS-T (InfraRed Imaging System – Tail/Thrust Vector Controlled) air-to-air guided missile is being manufactured under the industrial leadership of Diehl Defence. The missile designed to engage air targets has been selected as standard weapon for the fighter aircraft Eurofigher, F-16, EF-18, Tornado and Saab Gripen.

  • IRIS-T SL air defence system

    jpg1.67 MiB2019-06-18

    IRIS-T SL is the air defence system IRIS-T including surveillance radar and battlefield management system.

  • IRIS-T SL-Launcher

    jpg1.32 MiB2019-06-19

    IRIS-T SL-launcher including IRIS-T SL surface-to-air guided missiles on an MAN carrier vehicle


    jpg1.31 MiB2019-06-19

    Modular ground-based air-defence systems for protection of objects, areas and mobile troops

  • IRIS-T SLS-Launcher

    jpg1.92 MiB2019-06-19

    IRIS-T launcher on Hägglunds carrier

  • Laser-Guided Sidewinder – Guided Missile for air-to-surface missions

    jpg1.65 MiB2019-06-18

    The Laser-Guided Sidewinder missile, currently under development, is an effector based on the Sidewinder AIM-9L-family and adapted for air-to-surface missions. The accuracy of LaGS allows aircraft crews precise engagement of ground targets.