Working Culture

It's my job to make sure that metal gets into shape. It's my job to make sure that metal gets into shape.

Leadership means being a role model and taking the people along.

Thomas Danilowicz, Head of Production, is responsible for the production of cold-rolled strip made of copper-based alloys.

Diehl Inspires From Within

Diehl is a family-operated business organized in a global group structure. The company draws its energy and values from more than 110 years of tradition, with more than 16,000 people standing by one another every day.

Traditional and Future-Oriented

Diehl is a company with a strong tradition. We look back at a long history of driving technological excellence, and we value that history – beginning in the year 1902 in Nuremberg, Germany, where our corporate headquarters remain to the present day.

Nevertheless, while we do uphold our heritage, we are anything but fixated on the past. Because we know that we can only meet the challenges of the future if we always keep up with the times. This is why Diehl as an employer is both traditional and open for new ways of acting and thinking.

United and Diverse

We maintain a culture of social cohesion that is characterized by confidence in our colleagues. We respect one another as we are, including our cultural differences. We are a colorful company with diverse people, rooted in our Business Units and deeply committed to the regions where we operate, all

Working Culture Working Culture

Trustful and Supportive

Our employees are the reason for our success. They create technologies that improve the life and work of countless people all over the world – even if this is often not visible at first glance. To make this great contribution possible, we grant them a high degree of freedom and autonomy in their personal development. And we support them as well as we can with targeted and customized measures when they need it.

Our working climate is characterized by flat hierarchies, personal ties and active participation from everyone. We take in new ideas and suggestions from all sides, we listen closely to our colleagues through regular surveys, and we inform them about what’s going on inside the Diehl Group through our staff magazines.

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