It's my job to make sure that everything runs smoothly in Active Sourcing. It's my job to make sure that everything runs smoothly in Active Sourcing.

Being a part of our success story makes me proud.

Nadine Karnbaum, Junior Recruiter Corporate Talent Acquisition, is responsible for approaching candidates directly.

Working in Touch with Tradition and Future

Transparency, integrity and fairness are the basic elements of our business activities – and of our interaction among each other. We are proud of our highly-motivated and loyal employees and we feel that they are proud of the company. We make sure that both appreciation and challenges form part of your everyday work – with clearly-defined targets and a working environment that embraces professionalism and innovative thinking.

  • Working Culture Working Culture

    Working Culture

    Working at Diehl means being involved with both fascinating technologies and a unique corporate tradition of stability and trust.

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  • Work-Life-Balance Work-Life-Balance


    Work is an important part of life – but there is more to life than work. Diehl does a lot to keep both in harmony.

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  • Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Health & Safety

    One of the most important things for us is the health and safety of our colleagues. Learn about our comprehensive health management and safety measures.

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  • Innovation & Expertise Innovation & Expertise

    Innovation & Expertise

    Our success has always been based on the ability to define the state of the art in various technical fields. See what we do to uphold this tradition.

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  • Working Abroad Working Abroad

    Working Abroad

    As a globally active enterprise, Diehl offers you the chance to discover, live and work in many regions across the world.

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  • Countless Opportunities Countless Opportunities

    Countless Opportunities

    Diehl: That’s not one single employer, but a whole group of them. While our Corporate Divisions do share the same values and working culture, the technical fields they operate in and their specific organizational structures are very diverse.

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