Real opportunities for real talents: become a trainee at Diehl.

Trainees Trainees

You are studying and your degree will be above average? You want to make a difference with your talent and knowledge and are ready to give your best and take on responsibility every day? You want to become acquainted with get to know different locations and areas of expertise? You do not want to work on just anything, but on trends and technologies for the future? And not just anywhere, but in a renowned family-run company with an international reputation? The trainee program at Diehl offers you everything you could wish for. Including outstanding Above-average career opportunities included. Because we want one thing above all: that you remain part of our Diehl Group after your traineeship.

Diehl is a family-run business and yet a corporation. This creates a special flair not many other companies can offer.

Joel Eichberger Trainee Diehl Defence Überlingen

Individually tailored to you: Your trainee program.

Trainees Trainees
Trainees Trainees
Trainees Trainees
Trainees Trainees

At Diehl, we offer trainee programs within two different focus areas. Our headquarters office is responsible for the commercial paths and the respective corporate divisions for the technical paths.

Commercial programs:
  • Accounting / Controlling

  • Technical Purchasing

  • Human Resources

  • IT management

Technical programs:
  • Production / Project Management
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Management
  • Sales and Distribution

No matter which program you choose - you will get deeply involved with the Diehl world from the very beginning and become acquainted with get to know different areas and markets. In the processdoing so, you will master challenges that exactly match your professional expertise and experience. We do not have a standardizsed program sequence. Together with you, we will develop your individual trainee program.

Attractive opportunities - and much more.

Trainees Trainees

In addition to attractive career opportunities, we offer you a personal budget for your further development, depending on the respective corporate division. However, it is even more important to us that you can gradually grow step by step into more responsibility in a working environment characterizsed by trust and openness. In order to achieve this, there will be And you will have experienced contact persons at your side. Regular feedback is a matter of course for us. This also applies to training your personal, social and methodological skills.

We wish that want you to enjoy being on board with us, gain experience and share it with other trainees, your superiors and colleagues. This way, you are part of a strong network right from the start, which you can further expand during your traineeship period - and which will help you substantially decisively in your future career.

What skills you should have.

Trainees Trainees

With you as a trainee, we are planning the future: As a highly qualified colleague or as a potential manager. Of course, we expect a lot from you. Completed technical or commercial studies with an above-average degree, internships and international experience during your studies or school time years. A high degree of flexibility, that it is no problem for you to change locations from time to time more often and that you like to familiarize yourself with new areas and teams. A gGood knowledge of English is skills are a matter of course for us - another foreign language would be great. What counts just as much as your excellent performance, however, are your social skills. You approach people with openness, appreciation and respect. Maybe you have even already volunteered done voluntary work and put the overall success of joint effort work at the centere of your own actions.

Do you fit in with us?

Trainees Trainees

If you want to think ahead, make a difference, expand your horizons and give your best every day, Diehl is the ideal environment for you. If you are prepared to be fully committedgive your all, you will get a lot back from us. Because you take an important position place in our family business. And you have our word that we will go through thick and thin with you and work on the future together.

Can you imagine being part of our international Diehl family? Then find out more about our various trainee programs here!

  • Trainee Program Diehl Group

    In the middle of the big picture.

    During the commercial trainee program at the Diehl Group you will get in touch with a wide range of fields of activity - this opens the way to the multi-layered world of Diehl. And gives you a view of the big picture from the very first day. Our corporate divisions each have their own technological structures. However, they are connected with each other in On a family, cultural, strategic and economic level, however, they are connectedway.

    You are welcome to can apply if you have an above-average university degree in economics, business administration or industrial engineering and already have some practical experience.

    After a multi-stage selection process, you may even begin your 15- to 18-month traineeship period at our corporate headquarters in Nuremberg. Depending on your interests and skills, you will work in the areas of Finance, Purchasing, HR, IT or Supply Chain. After a certain period of time, you will move to one of our locations and become part of the team there. In addition, you will visit several subsidiaries branches in during the course of the program - this also includinges an assignment abroad. You are welcome everywhere in our group and will gain a holistic view rich in as well as different perspectives of our company.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application (link to job portal/open trainee positions).

    We are looking forward to receiving your application

  • Trainee program Diehl Metall

    Trainee programme Diehl Metall

    As a technical trainee at Diehl Metall, you will work on advancing the offering of a leading global manufacturer of sophisticated metal processing solutions for a variety of industries. You will not only become familiar with get to know the processes in many of our departments - e.g. digitalizsation / automation, data analytics, production, development, purchasing, sales or quality. To optimize improve them even further, you will support us with your own ideas. In short, working at Diehl Metall takes you into a world where theory meets practice.

    You may can apply for the 18-month trainee program if you have an above-average technical university degree. After your starting at one of our locations in Germany, you will change your working environment every three to four months and thus gain a global and cross-divisional insight into our business segmentsareas. From the beginning, you will work on meaningful tasks and have a mentor by at your side throughout your entire traineeship period who will support you and give you feedback. In addition to the program content, we also offer you further training and support measures.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application

  • Trainee Program Diehl Controls

    On a worldwide mission.

    At Diehl Controls, one of the leading specialists in home appliance control and electronics for heat pumps, three out of four colleagues work outside Germany. Technical know-how combined paired with intercultural competence are therefore two essential decisive pillars for the success story of our company.

    If you wish want to drive this success forward together with us as a technical trainee in the future, you should have a passion for technology and innovative developments as well as a spirit of discovery that is eager to take advantage of the personal freedom we offer.

    The prerequisite for an application with us is an above-average university degree in electrical engineering, computer science or industrial engineering.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application

  • Trainee Program Diehl Defence

    Making the world safe with high-tech.

    As an international market leader for defence systems, we stand for "Made in Germany" in the best sense of the conceptword. For us, everything revolves around perfection, precision and quality. So as Tto ensure that people all over the world can keep continue to livinge safely in the future, we are operate working in the ultra-high-tech sector on a daily basiscutting edge high-tech area every day. The trainee program at Diehl Defence shows you all areas of this diverse world. A real challenge.

    You may can apply with us if you already have international experience and an above-average university degree with a master's degree or doctorate in your pocket. As part of our 18-month trainee program, you will work on various projects, which we will arrange put together with you individually from the areas of development, production and product management. In each of these areas, you can expect count on extensive training in state-of-the-art technologies and regular and constructive feedback. You will get to the bottom of technologically challenging issues, collaborate with both internal and external contact persons and customers, and at the same time keep an eye on the commercial aspects at the same time.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application


  • Trainee Program Diehl Aviation

    Living the fascination of aviation.

    Our passion and enthusiasm for aviation has made us what we are today: a world-renowned manufacturer of cockpit and cabin equipment. Our technical trainee program is your ticket to extensive on-the-job training, honing which will develop your professional, social and personal skills all at oncein equal measure.

    You may can apply for our 18-month trainee program if you convince us with an above-average university degree. Even as a trainee, you will make a decisive contribution to ensuring that Diehl Aviation keeps flying continues to fly at the top. You will conduct research, optimize logistics or production processes or improve product quality - depending on how we have jointly defined the focus of your trainee program at the beginning. Your interests and wishes are very important to us in the course of the program - for us, this also means deliberately creating space for you. That way So that you can explore the skills you have acquired during your studies or internships and apply them in exciting projects together with your new colleagues. You will gain valuable insights into the products and solutions offered by our most important business units. And when working on various projects, you will also get the chance to gain international experience by working on various projects.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application


  • Technical Trainee Program Diehl Metering

    Enabling a sustainable future.

    Diehl Metering is one of the world's largest manufacturers of metersing instruments for water, thermal energy, gas and electricity. What drives us is the responsible use of our planet's precious resources. If you wish would like to contribute to this, the technical trainee program with us is the right thing for you. Even more so if you also have a sense for complex technical issues, your thinking is as precise as it is creative and you want to develop data-based solutions for our customers.

    You may can apply for our trainee program if you have an above-average university degree in data science, industrial engineering or mechatronics. The trainee program runs for 18 months, during which you can gain valuable professional experience in various departments, e.g. in the development department, in business development or in our strategic business unit Analytics & Services. The program is individually tailored to your skills and interests and includes four to five project stations - one of them at one of our international locations. From day 1, you will take on responsibility and quickly become involved in exciting projects, cooperating with colleagues in France, Poland, Hungary, Brazil or China. You will always work in a solution-oriented manner and we will systematically strengthen your skills - both professionally and personally.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application


What we offer:

We can only be successful in the long term with highly qualified, committed young people like you. That is why we do a lot to make your everyday working day as pleasant as possible and offer you a lot of attractive benefits. Depending on the location, you can expect a wide range of benefits.


  • Homeoffice
  • Employee discounts
  • Company sports offer
  • Flexible working hours
  • Family-owned company
  • Professional and personal development
  • Company mobile and laptop
  • Good traffic connections
more Benefits

An international assignment is part of the trainee program, which of course is great added value.

Teresa Schneiderhan Investment Controller Diehl Headquarters Nuremberg
Trainees Trainees
Trainees Trainees

After my 18-month traineeship period in the area of finance and controlling, I have been am working as an investment controller at the Diehl hHeadquarters in Nuremberg since March 2022. I studied Global Business Management in Augsburg and Financial Management at the University of Hohenheim. When I started my career, I made a conscious decision to work for a medium-sized company because it is important to me to have a family-like corporate atmosphere within which there is room for creativity. The opportunities for further development as a trainee at Diehl are great. The program is individual and there are many exciting, varied projects and tasks. You can always pick up on loose ends and get involved.

Another highlight are the trainee meetings with trainings on soft skills and regular feedback rounds. Through my different stages, which took me to almost all corporate dievisions - I was at Metering in Nuremberg, Aviation in Hamburg, Controls and finally at Metall - I got to know many new colleagues and was able to build a network that also helps me in my current positionjob. After my Master's degree, I was a research assistant at the Chair for of Controlling for six months. However, I then decided to go into practice - and my choice would always again be the trainee program at Diehl again!

Start your career right here.

Trainees Trainees

You have decided that a trainee program at Diehl is exactly the right thing for you? Then apply now - please do so in good time, i.e. at least three to six months before you wish would like to start your trainee program and in any case always via our Diehl e‑recruiting system. At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of open trainee positions and may can apply directly. It is very important that your application is complete. The following documents should be included:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Covering letter
  • Master's / Bachelor's / Diploma transcript
  • Thesis / doctoral dissertation
  • References / work certificates

The documents may can be uploaded as PDF files. Please note the maximum file size of 5 MB per document.

Do you have any questions? Contact our recruiters directly - just scroll down the page!

And what happens next?

After a short time, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application. At the same time, your application will be forwarded to the competent responsible recruiter, who will review your documents. The recruiter will then contact you.

Always there for you: our recruiters.

  • When it comes to a decision as important as a trainee program, it is perfectly normal that questions may arise. That's why we have a team of recruiters at Diehl who are specializedse in trainee programs. They are always there for you and are pleased happy to answer your questions and find the perfect trainee program for you.

    Contact our recruiters

Nice to meet you!

The best way to get to know each other is still in person. This is That's why we from at Diehl are present at many career fairs. If we are in your areanear you, take the chance and come by. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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