Young Graduates Program

It's my job to make sure that metals become products for your daily life. It's my job to make sure that metals become products for your daily life.

You learn things in the program that you don’t learn at university.

Thomas Scheidgen, Tube Press Foreman, ensures seamless processes in the production area.

A Solid Framework for Your Start at Diehl Metall

If you join Diehl Metall after your studies, the Young Graduates Program will help you get systematically prepared for the activities in your professional life. Various modules specifically enhance your interpersonal and communication skills as well as your self-management and presentation techniques. 

Principles and Objectives

The Young Graduates Program is targeted to all job starters with an academic degree in the German Business Units of our Corporate Division Metall . We have developed the program in order to help them settle into the company as quickly and successfully as possible. Here is in detail what we want to achieve in the 9 to 12 months of the program’s duration:

  • A systematic preparation for the tasks and challenges laying ahead
  • A targeted support with regard to participants’ soft skills
  • A holistic outlook beyond the current job and professional horizon
  • Raising awareness concerning own expectations and demands
Young Graduates Program Young Graduates Program

How it works

From the very beginning, joint seminars and regular meetings link the newcomers into a network extending across the Diehl Metall Business Units. This ensures a quick and easy entrance into the Diehl world and constitutes the basis for long-lasting professional and personal bonds. The program consists of three fixed modules, covering all important areas of development for job starters:

  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication and conflict management basics
  • Self-management
  • Coaching unit based on BIP test results
  • Language courses (depending on individual needs and Business Unit).