Speculative Application

Self-initiative is rewarded at Diehl.

Laura Hautmann, Human Resources Site Manager, is responsible for promoting the Diehl employer brand.

Take a Chance With Diehl

Your application is always welcome – even if it doesn’t refer to a vacancy that is currently advertised by us. If you are confident that Diehl is the right choice for you, and if you are willing to show some patience to prove it, a speculative application may well be your way into the World of Diehl. 

Initiative Appreciated

Diehl values individuals who take matters into their own hands and who go the extra mile to make their goals come true. This is why we examine speculative applications just as carefully as those sent in response to specific job advertisements.

Please note: If you are applying for a job in Germany, remember to address your speculative application to our Corporate Human Resources department. You can upload your application here.

Please click on the relevant business unit in Poland, France, Hungary or Austria to upload your speculative applications there:

Applications outside of Germany, Poland, Hungary, France and Austria have to be sent via e-mail to the respective Diehl Business Unit.

At Diehl the following academic disciplines are basically of interest:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Communications Engineering
  • Automation and Control Technology
  • High-frequency Engineering
  • Machine Engineering
  • Physics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Economics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Science

In general, there are good opportunities for those who have a profound education, decent grades, a strong determination – and a personality that fits in with us. Diehl is a globally active group in which more than 17,000 people work together to shape the technologies of the future. If we are convinced of your skills and your personality, we will find a way to make you a part of this long-term success story.

What You Should Keep in Mind

There is only one basic difference between a targeted application and a speculative one: time. Since a vacancy for a qualified speculative applicant needs to be found first, it usually takes a little longer than it does in case of a targeted application.

For our German Business Units, our Corporate Human Resources takes care of those who have sent us a speculative application. The colleagues there oversee the entire range of jobs within the Diehl Group and will pass your application documents on to the Business Units you might be eligible for. If a Business Unit is convinced by your application and finds a suitable position, they will make you an attractive offer directly.

The Business Units in Poland and France are exceptions because you can send to them speculative application directly, without contacting with German Corporate Human Resources. By the way: We are very careful in our selection of new recruits in order to make sure we will win those who really fit into our vacancies. This is why the entire application process will on average take between six and eight weeks.

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