About us

It's my job to make sure that you remain mobile in the future.

Ana Laura Manca, Design Engineer in Tool Construction, provides the right tool for our development ideas at Diehl Metall in Germany.

I owe a lot to the personal support I received.

Boris Bosnjak, Software Engineer, develops intelligent solutions at Diehl Connectivity Solutions GmbH in Wangen.

At company sports I can switch off and gather new energy. 

Simone Rüther, Product Engineer, is responsible for the handling and support of complex manufacturing projects at Diehl Defence in Germany.

I get the support I need to enhance my qualifications.

Gergö Mezei, Head of Logistics, is responsible for logistics processes at Diehl Aviation in Hungary.

I started my career when I became a father – and regretted neither.

Dino Tsoumakis, Head of Software Development, provides latest big-data technology and data analytics to locations all over the world at Diehl Metering in Germany.

It`s our job to see to the numbers - and to make sure that it`s people that count.

Laura Hautmann (Head of Corporate Talent Acquisition) and Thomas Hafner (Deputy Head of Group Treasury)

I had a good feeling from the start – and it got better.

Cindy Söllner and Matthias Tischner

One Group. Five Divisions. Countless Opportunities.

Diehl: That’s not one single employer, but a whole group of them. While our Corporate Divisions do share the same values and working culture, the technical fields they operate in and their specific organizational structures are very diverse. In this section, you are welcome to get acquainted with each Corporate Division as well as with our Corporate Administration in their capacity as employers.