Diehl Aerosystems partners up with Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA): Annual conference

Diehl Aviation

Increased presence in one of the world’s prime aerospace clusters.

Diehl Aerosystems, a first-tier supplier and partner for avionics and cabin integration to the big aircraft manufacturers and a retrofitting specialist for aircraft operators, is stepping up its involvement in the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA, www.pnaa.net ) – one of the world’s prime aerospace clusters, based near Seattle, Washington (USA).

PNAA is traditionally organizing its annual conference each year in February, attracting several hundred attendees from the aerospace industry across North America. For the 2017 edition held February 13th – 16th, Diehl – a corporate member in PNAA – will be represented in the conference program by Harald Mehring, Chief Customer Officer, who will feature as panelist next to representatives from other German First Tier suppliers.

In addition, Diehl will actively participate in discussions during the event with customers, suppliers and partners, keeping the conference motto "implementing technology and innovation" firmly in view. Therefore Diehl is reaching out for suppliers in North America in search for stability, flexibility, close collaboration and sustainable business relations to succeed in future globalized opportunities. The company’s Head of Advanced Procurement, Richard von Ketteler, will be among the Diehl delegation to the event.

In the Pacific-Northwest of the US, Diehl Aerosystems already has a facility in Everett near Seattle, Washington, but will enhance its North American footprint in the future. The company will install support stations at the customers’ final assembly lines in order to better support its customers’ operations. Diehl’s facilities will feature repair and rework capabilities.