Diehl Aerosystems builds new logistics center in Laupheim

Diehl Aviation

The Diehl Aircabin site will be expanded with a new logistics center.

Diehl Aircabin, one of the five business units of the Diehl Aerosystems Division, is expanding its Laupheim site with the construction of a new logistics center. After breaking the ground on December 2, the construction phase of the project was officially started. The new building is essential in order to keep up with the ever-increasing logistics demands at the site; this development is primarily due to the accelerated ramp-up for the Airbus A350 XWB. According to Airbus, the production rate for this type of aircraft – whose first delivery was in 2014 and to date in 2015 nine machines have been delivered to different customers – will increase in the coming years to well over 100 aircraft per year.

Participating in the celebratory ground-breaking were the District Administrator Dr. Heiko Schmid and the Mayor of Laupheim, Rainer Kapellen. Guests were welcomed by Wolfgang Weggen, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board at the Diehl Group, Rainer von Borstel, Member of the Executive Board at the Diehl Stiftung and Spokesman for the Division Board at Diehl Aerosystems, as well as Klaus Jabs, COO at Diehl Aircabin, and Reiner Edel, CFO at Diehl Aircabin.

The building has been planned to house a highly sophisticated logistics center including a fully-automated high-bay warehouse. The high-bay warehouse promises dynamic and therefore shortened and smoother storage and retrieval processes, while at the same time enabling optimal use of space thanks to the high storage density. On top of this, there is a dedicated area for the internal cleaning of containers so that the sensitive components can be supplied to the customer in optimum condition. In total, the new building covers an area of around 12,000 m2 and boasts capacity for approximately 4,600 containers. Completion of the logistics center is planned for December 2016 and start-up is envisaged for January 2017. With an investment of around 11 million euros, the logistics center in Laupheim is a key investment which further guarantees the growth of the Division and the site.