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Integrated Cabin Solutions

The aircraft cabins of the future.

Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures and markets integrated solutions for the aircraft cabins of the future. One service provider for all, with advanced optimization potential integrated into proven concepts. Completely new ideas to create products that nobody wants to miss. These integrated solutions are modular and can always be adapted to suit the requirements of the manufacturer and operator.

Entrance – Welcome Area
The entrance area is the passengers' first impression of the aircraft cabin – this is where the experience begins. It is about being personally welcomed on board, enjoying the pleasant environment, being guided to allocated seating, just feeling safe. It is not without reason that manufacturers and operators dedicate such effort to the entrance area.
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Floor-to-floor lining
A generous sense of space with more headroom, more space for hand luggage, more easily-accessible storage compartments, understandable announcements, and safe guidance to seating – Diehl Aviation offers all those innovative solutions.
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Aft area
Competition among airlines is relentless. So success demands excellence and efficiency. Diehl Aviation took this demanding market environment as an opportunity to fundamentally re-think existing solutions.
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Cabin Management System
The Cabin Area Network System and Services (CANSAS) is a high-speed cabin network with an open platform. It runs a vast variety of applications and functions including third party applications on an open Linux ecosystem. In addition to non-essential functions, it covers all the traditional cabin management system functions.
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