Produkty Gaz

  • Innowacyjna zasada pomiaru mikrotermicznego o wysokiej precyzji
  • bezgłośna i wolna od zużycia
  • Z konwersją temperatury i niezależna od ciśnienia
  • Transparentny proces rozliczeń
  • Zintegrowana komunikacja






The electronic gas meter AERIUS utilises a CMOS semiconductor sensor, which is placed in the bypass channel. The sensor is based upon a microthermal measuring principle and contains a heating element, which is flanked by two temperature sensors. The heating elemt is used to heat the gas; a uniform temperature distribution is formed, which is deferred through a gas flow. Therefore a temperature difference is generated between the two temperature sensors. The resulting measuring signal is processed by a microprocessor into a flow rate and therefore shows into standard volume (m3).

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