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Your way to Diehl

Diehl looks forward to receiving your application documents. Basically, there are two ways your documents can go.

The „Classical“ Way:

You have seen an interesting job advertisement of a business unit of the Diehl Group on our Job Portal or in other print and online media. In this case, please send your application to the contact person at the individual site which advertised the vacancy. The acknowledgement of receipt will quickly reach you to show you that your documents have safely reached us. After closing date, the HR Department of the site will view your documents, and if they are interested, they will send you an invitation for an individual or a group interview both with HR and the special departments.

The Way for Those you Wish to Take a Chance:

Our Central HR Marketing takes care of those who sent us a speculative application, which means one that is not explicitly aimed at a specific vacancy in the company. Our Central HR Marketing oversees the entire range of jobs with the Diehl Group and passes your application documents on to those sites which may submit you an attractive offer.

By the way: We are very careful in our selection of co-workers to ensure we will win those people who really fit in our vacancies. This is why the entire application process will take us between six and eight weeks on an average.

Meline Özkan

Meline Özkan

"The job interview at Diehl was really nice – and shows the working atmosphere here!"


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