Battery Packs

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Battery packs designed and developed by Diehl & Eagle Picher are embedded in civil and military applications. We supply both rechargeable customized systems of different chemistries (e.g. nickel metal hydride NiMH, lithium ion LiIon) and primary packs of various chemistries (lithium thionylchloride Li-SOCl2, lithium manganese dioxide Li-MnO2, lithium sulphur dioxide Li-So2 and lithium carbon monofluorid Li-CFx). For the production of our battery packs we use battery cells of our US-shareholder EaglePicher Technologies as well as cells of other well-known international manufactures.

Thermal Batteries

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Main operation areas of the thermal batteries developed and produced by Diehl & Eagle Picher are military programs (missiles and ammunition) and aerospace applications as well as acoustic and electronic Torpedo countermeasures. Aircraft ejection seats and guided artillery ammunition, all of them presuming a long, maintenance-free shelf life in a broad temperature range, climate and dynamic environment. Our thermal batteries are designed according to customers’ requirements and remain absolutely inert during storage. After activation those systems supply power within very short time.

Lithium Reserve Batteries

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Lithium reserve batteries are applied in electronic fuzes for artillery and naval guns. 2001 Diehl & Eagle Picher commenced developing lithium thionylchloride Li-SOCl2 reserve batteries. In the subsequent year the starting signal for the first major order for serial production was given. With this product Diehl & Eagle Picher expanded their core competence by another pillar and has meanwhile become one of the leading manufacturers of reserve batteries in Europe. The key version of our reserve battery has been qualified according to the German Verteidigungsgerätenorm VG norm 96915-303.


500,000th Lithium-Thionyl Chloride-Reserve Battery for Fuzes

Diehl & Eagle Picher GmbH (D&EP), a German-American joint venture, develop and produce thermal batteries for defence applications as well as customized battery packs for civil and military sectors ...

NDIA Fuze Conference 2016/ Product Presentation

From 3rd to 5th May 2016 the 59th NDIA Fuze Conference took place in Charleston, South Caroline (USA). Again Diehl & Eagle Picher participated both with a lecture and a small display of the reserve battery product portfolio...

NDIA Fuze Conference 2015/ Product Presentation

This year Diehl & Eagle Picher again participated in the NDIA Fuze Conference both giving a lecture on its product portfolio and displaying some of its specialties in the fuze sector. Particularly international defence companies as well as ...

Mode of Operation of a Thermal Battery

Shematic structure and typical application of a thermal battery.

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