Investment strategy

Diehl Ventures invests in European Technology start-ups

Diehl Ventures GmbH acquires interests in young companies with high innovation potential, disruptive technologies and new business models. Diehl preferably invests in young companies from the European region in early phases of their business activity. There should already be more than just an idea as a basis for starting talks. We are always pleased to jointly discuss breadboard models or even prototypes that already exist.

Our focus is on start-ups that push ahead with ideas in the technology and business fields of our corporate divisions Metall, Controls, Defence, Aerosystems and Metering so they could complement and expand the Diehl Group's products and business models.

Without getting too specific here in public, we are particularly interested in start-ups in the following fields:

- metal processing and automotive suppliers
- household appliance controls and Smart Home
- defence and security
- aviation, cabin equipment and avionics
- advanced metering infrastructure and meter data management

Our so-called search fields are checked regularly and adapted to our strategy planning.

The participations of Diehl Ventures are characterized by a long-term strategy. The investment amount depends on the individual case and usually is between 0.1 and 1 million Euros. Diehl Ventures also likes to invest in start-ups together with other VC or CVC investors as partners.