Investment process

Investments by Diehl Ventures have a clear objective: securing the company's long-term success!

Therefore, every investment is preceded by a clearly structured and open decision-making process:

Contacting & preselection:

After initial contact with a start-up, Diehl Ventures checks the concept and determines to what extent the presented technology or business model fits with the Diehl Group's strategic goals.

Personal meeting & basic decision:

If the result of the initial review is positive, Diehl Ventures will seek closer contact with the start-up to better understand the business model and the implementation roadmap. After the subsequent multi-stage due-diligence inspection, a definite decision will be made as to whether an investment by Diehl Ventures comes into consideration and will also help the start-up. 

Investment negotiation:

After a positive basic decision has been made, possibilities of cooperation are discussed and the term sheet for the participation agreement is prepared. Negotiations are conducted on the basis of the due-diligence results and the start-up's needs.


When the parties have concluded an agreement, Diehl Ventures accompanies the start-up with its corporate investment management as strategic partner. The investment manager is its point of contact in all questions that have to do with Diehl. Besides supporting the technological development, Diehl Ventures also provides professional assistance in all integrating functions and can also establish contacts with customers and suppliers through its wide network.