Added values

Diehl Ventures supports start-ups


A participation of Diehl Ventures in a start-up has the objective to generate benefits for both sides. In our opinion, Diehl participations are characterized by fairness, long-term nature, stability and reliability. As a CVC company, Diehl Ventures does not only focus on short- or medium-term return but also wants to create joint values within the context of its innovation strategy.

If there is need for technical support, experts from the Diehl Group can actively assist a start-up in development and production.

When necessary, start-ups may also be given constructive and professional support in establishing and expanding entrepreneurial processes as well as in cross-sectional tasks such as patents, law, taxes and finance so that the start-up can concentrate its limited resources on what is essential. Moreover, start-ups may benefit from our wide, established customer and supplier network.

In return, the Diehl Group receives innovative impulses from an "outside-in perspective", enabling us to strengthen our business fields and to secure technological leadership in numerous fields in the medium and long term.