Water Metering

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We have the right solution for every individual requirement of the municipal and private water industry. Almost all our water meters are equipped with interfaces for automatic meter reading (AMR) — and can also communicate to the Open Metering Standard. We provide our customers with the basis for a future-orientated infrastructure for automatic reading.

Thermal Energy Metering

Icon Thermal Energy Metering

Diehl Metering technologies for local and district heating and cooling have been proved thousands of times and under the toughest operating conditions. In addition to innovative ultrasonic technology, we still use established mechanical meters – with a communication interface for radio, or cable to the M-Bus standard.

Gas Metering

Icon Gas Metering

Our new centre of excellence secures the development, testing and production of future-orientated gas metering technologies. For example, the AERIUS static gas meter combines intelligent communication with maximum precision. Its microthermal measuring principle has proved itself in the industry for many years.

Electricity Metering

Icon Electricity Metering

Diehl Metering completes its portfolio with the ELICIUS system solution for electricity.

Metering Systems

Icon Metering Systems

Water, thermal energy, gas and electricity are read over the same system platform — thanks to the Open Metering Standard and intelligent interfaces. Diehl Metering supplies the complete infrastructure from one source — as far as complete AMR installation and Smart Metering applications.


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Our Download Centre has long been an important tool for many customers and experts. Here you find complete product data sheets, essential technical information and software for parametrization of systems and meters.