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AQUILA is a main meter designed for measuring cold water. AQUILA is characterised by its accurate metering capability, particularly with high flow rates, its ruggedness and its resistance to fouling. Its profiled connections make it immune to disturbances in the piping before or after the meter. AQUILA has MID approval in the horizontal position. Being modular, AQUILA can be fitted with IZAR RADIO reading system, IZAR DOSING device or the pulse transmitter IZAR PULSE, gateway to other systems. AQUILA has a housing for a non-return valve, which does not affect the metrological characteristics of the meter.

  • Single jet meter
  • MID approved up to R=160
  • Modular
  • Glass/metal register in option

Metrological data

Nominal diameter DN mm 15 20
Length L mm 170 190
Nominal flowrate Q3 m³/h 2.5 4
R Q3/Q1 160 160
Starting flowrate l/h 6 10
Min. flowrate Q1 l/h 15 25
Transition flowrate Q2 l/h 25 40
Max. flowrate Q4 m³/h 3.125 5


MID approval LNE-10913
Alimentarity ACS

Temperature and pressure

Medium temperature range °C 0...30
Nominal pressure bar 16


Nominal diameter DN mm 15 20
Length L mm 170 190
Width B mm 90 90
Total height H mm 78 82
Thread connections G inch 3/4" 1"
Weight kg 1.2 1.3

Precision curve

Head loss

Nominal diameter DN mm 15 20
Length L mm 170 190
kvs (deltaP=Q²/Kvs²) 3.12 5


Pulse transmitter - 1 litre/pulse

Glass/metal register

Non-return valve

This technology doesn't require straight length.

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