Water Metering

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  • Large measuring range
  • Extensive measuring technologies for the world markets
  • Innovative functions like leak detection, fraud detection
  • Modular and communicative product range
  • Eco-designed products

Thermal Energy Metering

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  • Solutions for heating and cooling
  • High accurate meters
  • long life static measuring technology
  • individual combinations of calculators with flow and temperature sensors
  • modular communication interfaces

Gas Metering

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  • Innovative high precision microthermal measuring principle
  • silent and wear-free
  • Temperature-converted and pressure-independent
  • transparent billing process
  • Integrated communication

Electricity Metering

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  • Certified according to European Standards (MID)
  • Diehl Metering Radio at 434 MHz or 868 MHz according to OMS
  • Communication to BSI Gateway included
  • Mobile and Fixed Network reading
  • Connection for M-Bus according to EN 13757
  • Multi utility applications

Metering Systems

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  • Complete solutions for mobile reading and fixed network
  • Project solutions from planning to operation
  • Different communication technologies for wired and wireless applications
  • High actuality and quality of data
  • Software solutions from reading to meter data management


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Diehl Metering supplies the complete process chain from one source.
  • Meters
  • System & Software
  • Meter Management
  • System Management
  • Data Management


Diehl Metering Sales Office Sweden


Now we’re right near to our customers in Sweden too

Diehl Metering presents the first OMS-certified meters


Smart OMS meters present the open communication standard for measuring the consumption of electricity, gas, water and heating.

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Diehl Metering beim 1. Ansbacher Netzwerklauf

IFAT - Solutions for the intelligent use of water and energy


May 30th – June 3rd 2016, Munich | Germany

Success Stories

Langfang, China

Number fo meters: 3,724

Reading interval: 6 and 8 hours

Features: annual billing

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20 years IZAR radio

The IZAR Radio is celebrating its birthday. 1996 - 2016.

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