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129 years of automobile and 59 years of synchronizer rings

129 years ago, Daimler and Benz invented the motorised vehicle.
The invention of the automobile reduced the distance between cities and rural areas. In 1902, in the same year, when the cornerstone for the foundation of the Diehl Group was set, Robert Bosch had a big idea. A high-voltage ignition, that brings the internal combustion engine up to speed. With that idea Robert Bosch became the pioneer of constructing electrical equipment for automotives.
But the Americans were those, who enabled the mass production of cars. Henry Ford was the first, who introduced the conveyor-belt production for cars in 1903.

Gearboxes ensure driving dynamics. The keystone of the mechanical transmission is the synchronizer ring. Diehl Metall produced the first synchronizer ring to synchronize the manual transmission more than 59 years ago.

The world grows together but also grows bigger

About one billion of cars and trucks are on the road worldwide. One billion is supposed to be added by the year 2025. Economic growth and progress are depending on mobility. Every day more and more people and goods are on the streets with increasing ways to go. The world grows together but also grows bigger.

Diehl Metall synchronizer rings - always one gear ahead

For more than 50 years Diehl Metall is successful partner of the international automotive industry in the synchronizer ring production.

The product portfolio comprises traditional brass synchronizer rings as well as steel synchronizer rings with innovative coatings. Those improve the friction and wearing quality and cover the entire range of performance.

Our products fulfill the highest requirements with respect to exact geometry, high wear resistance and strength. We guarantee precision and reliability based on new material developments and with our in-house Die Shop. The best conditions for a tailored design of modern engine and transmission technologies.

Synchronizer rings made of brass and steel

The drive comes from within

The drivers hardly see the synchronizer rings, but the reliability of the transmissions is decisively depending on them. Diehl Metall synchronizer rings prove their enormous capability a million times on the roads, day by day. They have been providing comfortable and noiseless shifting in the vehicle.

Our product range comprises about 150 different types of synchronizer rings for almost every European vehicle manufacturer of manual transmissions. Every year more than 50 million high-quality brass synchronizer rings are produced. Each of them goes through an intensive quality control. The patented Diehl hybrid multiple-cone set is the solution for optimum heat regulation.

Efficiently advancing technologies

A perfect partnership is always based on confidence. The close collaboration with our customers and focusing our development activities to your demands are the centre of our actions. It goes without saying that the development of new synchronizer rings is always done in close cooperation with the transmission and vehicle manufacturers. We gladly support you with your projects and are always focused on the trustful interaction with respect to the demanded goals: smaller aggregates and reduced consumption as well as light weight construction in the whole vehicle.

  • Miniaturisation to reduce weight
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Stability and running smoothness
  • High engine performance while reducing emissions (high temperature applications, wear resistance)
  • New legal guidelines; recycle ability of components (limitation of lead, ideally lead-freeness)

Technology impulses of the Diehl Group

Diehl Metall focuses on the principle of miniaturisation in an international manufacturing management concept. Thus, a significant increase in the efficiency of existing technologies can be achieved with innovative products.
The innovative technology concepts of the whole Diehl Group enable the use of impulses of other technological fields for our developments in the driveline. So, Diehl Metall offers "customized solutions" for all types of vehicles at any time.
The requirements to each type of vehicles are as different as the variety of all series of the major automotive manufacturers with the respective philosophies behind it. Due to our international locations in Germany, Brazil, China and India, the supply of the international markets is ensured. In addition, we are able to customize the development partnerships with our customers to the market requirements in an optimsed way. As our customer you can be sure to receive the product in the demanded quality.

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Diehl Metall Brands

The brand Formed@Diehl unites the conventional production of forged brass synchronizer rings and the cold forming of steel synchronizer rings.

Diehl BlackLine represents high-end cafrbon friction layers meet the highest requirements regarding friction performance and wear resistance.

Diehl GoldLine represents uncoated brass synchronizer rings with friction thread.

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Diehl do Brasil Metalúrgica Ltda.
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For Asia:

Diehl SynchroTec Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co. Ltd.
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For India:

Diehl Metal India Pvt. Ltd.
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Mega Trends

Mega Trend Mobility

Our synchronizer rings are the drive for high-performance transmission solutions within the mega trend mobility.

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