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For many decades, Diehl Metall has been a reliable partner and supplier of sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished products maed of copper and copper alloys. In dialogue with our customers, we optimise our products to meet the specific application requirements. Diehl Metall develops new material solutions for current and future challenges.

That feeling of burning curiosity is incomparable. It releases boundless energy to get to the bottom of things. Diehl Metall‘s spirit of enquiry was awoken more than 100 years ago and still strives to harness the forces of nature. Cunning use of fire and water, a deep understanding of the melting process and technological expertise in the field of non-ferrous metals are necessary for the things we do.

We develop alloys for today‘s applications and thus, shape the technologies of tomorrow. In doing so we contribute more than 100 years of experience with copper and copper alloys. Products by Diehl Metall make a significant contribution to our daily lives and to the expansion of infrastructure. They can be found hidden, behind virtually every door.

Diehl Metall offers copper and copper alloys with specific properties tailored to the individual requirements of a wide range of applications:

  • Sustainable material, almost 100 percent recyclable

  • Extreme durability

  • Highly resistant to aging and corrosion

  • Outstanding chipping (automatic capability) due to alloy additions

  • Antibacterial effect

  • High dezincification resistance due to alloy additions

  • Concerted adjustment of mechanical properties by cold or hot forming

  • One of the best carbon footprint of all industrial materials  

Diehl Metall offers more than 100 copper alloys as pioneering material for various prematerials:
Strip, wire, rods, tubes and profiles, drop-forged parts, synchronizer rings, press-fit zones and metal-plastic compound systems for electronic and electrotechnical applications. Depending on the purpose, our copper alloys are being optimised for specific applications. As your competent partner, Diehl Metall thus offers special alloys for the automotive, electrotechnical and electronics industry and for drinking water applications. Diehl Metall is specialised in meeting individual customer requirements. This ensures highest productivity, maximum efficiency and great reliability.

Diehl Metall´s products, components and services are in demand with the traditional industries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends like water, health, green technologies, mobility and energy.

  Strip Wire Rods, tubes, profiles drop-forged parts synchronizer rings Metal-plastic compound systems
Rods, tubes, profiles
Rods, tubes, profiles
drop-forged parts
synchronizer rings
Overmoulded assembled components
Metal-plastic compound systems
Copper-tin (phosphor-bronze)            
Copper-nickel-zinc (nickel silver)            
Low-alloyed copper alloys            
Agehardenable copper alloys            
Mint alloy            
Copper-nickel-zinc-lead (lead containing nickel silver)            
Copper-aluminium (aluminium-bronze)            
Free-machining brass            
Brass MS63            
High-tensile brass            

Examples of recently developed, application-oriented copper alloys

For the automotive and engineering industry:

Diehl Ökobronze BB05xi

Diehl Ecobronze BB05xi – very good recyclable material composite as an alternative for tinned copper-iron


Diehl Ecosilver 18

Diehl ECO-SILVER 18 – sustainable nickel silver alloy for electro-magnetic shieldings


Diehl BlackLine

Diehl BlackLine – high-end carbon friction layer for synchronizer rings that meet the highest standards of friction performance and wear resistance


Diehl GoldLine

Diehl GoldLine – uncoated brass synchronizer rings with friction thread



TEC.PURE – lead-free and wear-resistant brass materials



ECOBRASS – lead-free high-tensile brass without any toxic additives



For the construction and sanitary industry:


Materials of the brand CuTouch-familiy reduce germs effectively because of the antimicrobial effectiveness.



CUPHIN – lead-free valve material for drinking water applications



AQCUARIN – dezincificated brass of the latest generation for drinking water applications

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