Technologies for success by Diehl Metall

Fascinating ideas come from within.

Technologies for success by Diehl Metall.

We are all around you - especially where you least expect it.

Diehl Metall products function not in plain view. They are a part of daily life.

They ensure dynamic mobility, make life more convenient and communication easier, providing a good feeling and a sense of security.

Customers all over the world rely on our expertise as a partner for development and sophisticated solutions. Shaping the future and enjoying success together - and we can rely on more than 100 years experience in achieving it.

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Corporate Division Diehl Metall

Diehl Metall, as corporate division of the Diehl Group founded in 1902, strengthened its excellent position on the global markets in the last few decades. Diehl Metall is one of the largest producers of semi-finished products made of brass, forgings and rolled products worldwide. Metal-plastic compound systems for electronic and electrotechnical applications are produced out of plated precision stamped parts. The company headquartered in the Franconian town of Roethenbach has over 3,000 employees at eleven manufacturing and development sites on four continents. Diehl Metall´s products are in demand with the traditional industries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends like water, health, green technologies, mobility and energy.

The Diehl Group is one of the large German industrial companies with an international focus.
15,889 employees in more than forty independent company units, organised in the five divisions Metall, Controls, Defence, Aerosystems and Metering, generate a turnover of 3.1 billion Euros. The Diehl Group has been completely family owned since its foundation more than 100 years ago.

Global Mega Trends

Creating tomorrow`s future together.

Our earth is home to approximately seven billion people. By the year 2025 it should almost be eight billion. The life expectancy in developed countries is increasing constantly. More and more people will live in cities.

Our future of tomorrow is characterised by two mega trends: demographic change and urbanisation.

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Corporate Movie | Diehl | 2017

Image Brochure Diehl Metall

Image Brochure Diehl Metall

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Diehl Unternehmenspräsentation 2017/2018

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