Metal-plastic compound systems

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The best of two worlds.

Metal and plastic were seen as competitors in industrial production for a long time. The overmolding and assembling technology ended this once and for all. At the same time a wide space for innovations, technically sophisticated concepts and varied new challenges arised.

Strip, Wire

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Sustainable solutions start at the beginning of the supply chain.

Like no other material copper alloys as prematerial meet the highest standards of flexibility and strength, bending and stamping as well as thermal and electrical conductivity. Our prematerials are formed to durable and modern products. The sustainable Diehl Metall recycling system provides efficiently used raw materials.

Synchronizer Rings

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Always one gear ahead.

Transmissions ensure driving dynamics. The keystone of the mechanical transmission is the synchronizer ring. Whether synchronizer rings out of metal or steel, with or without friction layers: Diehl Metall shapes mobility actively. Has been for more than 55 years with 150 different types of synchronizer rings now. In almost every gear box vehicle is a synchronizer ring of Diehl Metall.

Drop-forged Parts

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We highlight your day.

Diehl Metall droped-forged parts made of brass, lead-free copper and light-metall materials function not in plain view. They are a part of daily life. Especially where you least expect it. Diehl Metall droped-forged parts are in demand with the traditional industries as well as with the customers who indulge in modern mega trends like water, health, green technologies, mobility and energy.

Stamping Technology

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Stamping and bending. Instead of bending and breaking.

Precision stamped parts are important elements in a variety of electronic and electrotechnic applications. The functional reliability as well as the quality in manufacturing of the final product play a decisive role in stamping technologies. The foundations for all further steps are made here. In our stamping technology we therefore count on uncompromising precision with highly developed automated processes.

Rods, Tubes, Profiles

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Brass incognito

Rods and tubes by Diehl Metall in different shapes and dimensions are the direct link between raw material and final product. Not only do they offer a comfortable processing but also enable high efficiencies in subsequent products. Being hidden under a bright surface our rods and tubes made of over 60 alloys do not function in the plain view, but fit perfectly to every purpose.


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Creating a piece of future day by day. Since 1902.

Alloys increase product life and efficiency while providing a positive energy and climate balance of the products. In coordination with our customers we research, develop and produce alloys for modern life and create a piece of future day by day. An extensive range of alloys as well as experience of more than 100 years are what make us special.

Plating Technology

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Quality. Not only on the surface.

New materials and increasing complexity of applications place highest standards to the plating. Progress in electronics and electrotechnics is hardly to imagine without plating. Whether wear resistance, solderability, corrosion resistance or conductivity – thin surface finishing ensures security and long product life.


Students' Day at Diehl


This year’s Students' Day took place under the motto “concentration“.

New Contact Partners for Conventional Plating (DMA)


Reorganization of overall responsibility for Sales at Diehl Metal Applications GmbH in the area of barrel and rack plating in Berlin.

Drop-forged parts from Diehl Metall stand for Quality


On our Internet site, you will find current information on high-quality drop-forged parts from Diehl Metall.

Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik convinces at VDI Congress


From June 16 to 17, it was that time again: The world’s automotive industry met in Friedrichshafen at the VDI Congress “Drivetrain for vehicles”.

Meet us ...

Meet us ...

in Stuttgart in 54 days
22.09. HYBRID Expo Booth C2 / C15

in Nuremberg in 77 days
15.10. VDI Nachrichten Recruiting Day

in Stuttgart in 96 days
03.11. Blechexpo

Diehl Metall forges your success!

Diehl Metall forges your success!

On our Internet site, you will find current information on high-quality closed-die forgings from Diehl Metall.

Diehl Metall has some of the largest forging capacities Europe-wide, producing closed-die forged parts from brass, lead-free copper materials and light metals. These are manufactured for the automotive, drinking water, fittings, sanitary, electrical, mechanical engineering, medical and building industries.

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Diehl Metall in the Mega Trends

Diehl Metall Brands

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Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik

Diehl Metal Applications

Diehl Metall Worldwide

Diehl Metall Worldwide

Stock Exchange Quotation

July 29, 2015

LME (US-$ / t)

Exchange Rate
EUR / US-$










Prices: Plating

The DMA processes indium for metal plating. 

From December 02, 2014

EUR / kg

processed DMA


Metal Prices


July 30, 2015

EUR / 100 kg

Fab. Level 1


Fab. Level 2


July 30, 2015

EUR / 100 kg

Fab. Level 1


Other Metal Prices
(Selected Alloys)

July 29, 2015

EUR / 100 kg

Source: vwd


from 490.73
to     493.59



MS 58
(Fab. Level 1)

from 440.0
to     466.0

MS 58
(Fab. Level 2)

from 473.0
to     500.0

MS 63 / 37
(Metal Basis)

from 479.0
to     476.0

July 29, 2015

(EUR / 100 kg)

* Diehl Published Price





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