Hydrometer GmbH, Ansbach

Hydrometer GmbH, Ansbach

The small Central Franconian town of Ansbach has been the headquarters of Hydrometer GmbH since the 1950s. The short distance to the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and the proximity to other Diehl Metering companies make Ansbach the ideal location for development and production. The beautiful surrounding countryside with its cultural and sports facilities provide rest and relaxation for management and staff.

In 2012 Hydrometer celebrated its 150th anniversary – its roots go back to the initial years of industrialization. The company was founded in Wroclaw in 1862 and the world’s first Woltman meter was manufactured there in 1895. In 1912 the company was renamed “Hydrometer Breslauer Wassermessfabrik”. Since 1951 Hydrometer has been located in Ansbach – from where the international activities are continuously expanded.

Today Hydrometer is one of the worldwide market leaders in water metering. A variety of technical innovations and the highest standards of quality and precision of its metering instruments and components make Hydrometer an important innovation and production centre within the Diehl Metering Group.

About 480 employees work in development, production and sales on the company’s three-hectare site. In addition to heat, cooling and water meters and volume measuring components, Ansbach produces system engineering equipment for radio- and wire-based communication – as far as the complete infrastructure for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart Metering. Hydrometer produces some 3.5 million water and heat meters a year.

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Hydrometer GmbH, Ansbach

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