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HPEM Effectors for Convoy-, Object protection, Car Stopping and Countering small, unmanned aerial vehicles

HPEM (High-Power-Electro-Magnetics) effectors offer the possibility of directing impulses against different electronic systems with the objective of causing malfunction.

Products on the basis of HPEM technology provide the opportunity to protect armed forces against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), to stop getaway vehicles in moving traffic without employing physical force and permanently damaging vehicle electronics and to prevent unauthorized access to critical security areas. Moreover, an HPEM effector provides the capability of countering small, unmanned aerial vehicles.

HPEM effectors pose no health hazard to users and uninvolved individuals.



HPEM C-IED: Vehicle-mounted HPEM effector for military convoy protection against radio- and new types of timer- and sensor-based IEDs.

HPEMcheckPoint: Mobile HPEM source to stop vehicles at checkpoints or at critical infrastructure.

HPEMcase: Compact HPEM source, integrated in a case, allowing special forces to deactivate alarm systems, disrupt computers and to neutralize eavesdropping devices.

HPEMcarStop: Offroad vehicle-integrated HPEM source allowing non-violent stopping of getaway vehicles in moving traffic. Vehicle electronics are not damaged and the target vehicle can be restarted after the incident.

HPEMcounterUAS: Effector impacting directly on the control electronics inside the small UAS by means of electromagnetic impulses thus causing mission abort.


The range of activities focuses on development of non-lethal, electro-magnetic effector and protection systems as well as examination of the effects of high-energy electro-magnetic pulses.


Products HPEMcase, HPEMcarStop and HPEMcheckPoint are available and can be delivered. They are operative in more than a dozen countries.  

In 2011, HPEM  Counter - IED Systems for convoy protection, based on an armored transport vehicle, were successfully tested in Afghanistan.

A prototype of the HPEMcounterUAS effector was employed at the G7 summit meeting at Elmau Castle in Germany in 2015. Diehl Defence and its industrial partner ESG are cooperating to generate system solutions.



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