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Active Vehicle Protection

Rocket-propelled grenades (RPG, especially the RPG-7 type) fired against military vehicles pose a great threat above all in operational scenarios as in Afghanistan, which cannot be coped with by passive protection measures. Protection adequate for the threat is urgently required for the crew and operational vehicle.

Within the context of research and technology activities, Diehl has for years concentrated on the development of so-called active standoff vehicle protection systems. Today's launcher-based AvePS (Active Vehicle Protection System) prototype consists of radar/infrared sensor system, fire control computer, multiple launcher with fragment-free effector and safety electronics. The sensors provide detection and tracking of threats from a distance of several hundreds of meters. Simultaneously, they enable reconnaissance of the enemy launch position.

AVePS can engage the entire range of rocket-propelled grenades such as RPG-7 up to modern anti-tank missiles. The system is effective even against most-modern warheads with tandem hollow charge. Likewise, the effectiveness of large-caliber KE penetrators can be reduced decisively.

Active Vehicle Protection


Diehl Defence has long since been dealing with active, vehicle-based protection systems against anti-tank weapons in its research and technology work. In 2006 and 2011 several prototypes on the vehicle types Leopard 2, M113 and FUCHS successfully demonstrated their performance in live-firings against different kinds of anti-tank weapons.


In 2011, Diehl Defence demonstrated the possibilities and performance of modern, active vehicle protection systems with the AVePS project.



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