Guided Missiles PARS 3 LR

PARS 3 LR – Primary armament of the TIGER support helicopter

The third-generation long-range anti-tank rocket system (PARS 3 LR) as primary armament of the TIGER combat and support helicopter has been designed for precise engagement of ground targets. The passive IR seeker developed by Diehl in combination with a tandem hollow-charge warhead ensures necessary precision and target effectiveness. 

The guided missile provides optimum protection for the helicopter crew because targets can be acquired by means of the helicopter's mast-mounted sight while the helicopter is covered in defilade position. Due to the missile's "fire & forget" mission mode, the TIGER helicopter must be exposed to the enemy only for a short time. The passive IR seeker developed and manufactured by Diehl Defence locks onto the target directly before it is fired.



Diehl Defence developed the highly efficient infrared seeker head ensuring precise and reliable target tracking. Complex image-processing algorithms permit high accuracy in difficult target scenarios as well.


A contract has been awarded for PARS 3 LR as primary armament of the German Army's TIGER support helicopter. In April 2013, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, Koblenz, paved the way for series production of the PARS 3LR guided missile. The so called „Roll-out“, delivery of the serial ammunition (missile in the launching tube) took place in the beginning of 2016. The end of the series is scheduled for 2018.


PARSYS GmbH is a joint venture of MBDA Deutschland and Diehl Defence GmbH und Co. KG.


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