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Submarine missile IDAS

The IDAS project (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines) is pursuing the revolutionary development of an unmatched missile system. IDAS offers submarines entirely new possibilities of weapon employment. IDAS enables submerged submarines to defend themselves against threats from the air and to precisely engage vessels as well as land targets near the coast. The submarine does not have to surface, but can launch the multi-role missile from a torpedo canister under water.

An autopilot and image-processing infrared seeker provides autonomous guidance and navigation. Thanks to an innovative fiber-optic data link, the operator in the submarine is also capable of controlling the missile during the entire flight providing the opportunity of target change, correction of target impact or mission abort. This monitoring of target approach combined with the high precision of the seeker and the relatively small warhead achieves the desired effect while considerably limiting unwelcome destruction in the target´s vicinity. IDAS is the first guided missile to operate under water without a protective capsule, thus saving considerable costs and volume during storage in the submarine and enhancing tactical flexibility.



Mastering advanced technologies was the prerequisite for realizing demanding fiber-optic data links for image transmission during the flight phases under water, penetrating the water surface and in air.


The successful maiden flight of an IDAS prototype started under water took place in 2006. In the following year, the project was awarded the Technology prize of the German defence industry. In 2008, an IDAS prototype was successfully test-fired from a class 212A submarine of the German Navy in the Baltic Sea.

The IDAS consortium conducted the first ejection trials from a submerged Norwegian submarine in Northern Norwegian waters in the beginning of 2016. The present, industry-financed development phase will be completed with final trials on a Norwegian submarine in 2017.


IDAS Consortium – a cooperation of the companies Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and 


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