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Computer Based Training (CBT) und Web Based Training (WBT)

Operating modern and complex systems is increasingly demanding. Imparting this complexity and dealing with these systems are of growing importance. In the field of Computer-Aided Training and Remote Training (CAT), the preparation of interactive and multi-media learning and information programs for imparting knowledge is offered for a variety of subjects.

Besides classic computer-aided, technical and non-technical training programs with CD-ROMs, applications are developed for the Intra- and Internet as well – larger band-widths and new technologies allow development of more demanding applications via the web.

These activities are complemented by providing multi-media lecture halls for computer-aided training as well as the procurement and installation of the necessary hardware and software components.

Computer Based Training


Experiences and qualification gained in many different projects in the segments of conception, graphics/animation, simulation and programming.


A variety of multi-media, computer-aided training and learning programs is made available to the Bundeswehr, allied forces, public authorities, the defence and security industry as well as civil customers.



Hans-Werner Wilken
Head of Project Interactive Training
Phone +49 911 957 3068