Training / Training Systems Flight Profile Recorder (FPR)

Flight Profile Recorder (FPR) - Air Combat Training System

The FPR consists of a ground station with computer, monitors and data-link receiving station for real-time representation of the training operations on the ground, together with the pods carried by the aircraft. They are attached to the wing weapon station onto which Sidewinder or IRIS-T missiles are usually mounted. All aircraft in the training airspace and the ground station are interconnected via the data link accommodated in the pod. More than 200 aircraft can participate in exercise scenarios and train their capabilities specifically. The data link between all aircraft in the training airspace enables realistic simulation of various flight maneuvers and defence measures.      

The three-dimensional air situation picture is represented in real time at the ground station and can be optimized for debriefing at any time in the interest of efficient training. Automatic collision warning and acoustic warning of the pilot before leaving the training airspace make an important contribution to flight safety.

Flight Profile Recorder (FPR)


Diehl Defence supports air combat training of pilots from numerous nations with its own On-Site-Support Centers in Decimomannu, Sardinia, and Albacete, Spain.


The Flight Profile Recorder of Diehl Defence has established itself as the NATO standard for air-combat training systems in Europe. The German Air Force, the TLP (Tactical Leadership Program) Training Center in Albacete, Spain, as well as the air forces of over a dozen European countries use the system in daily flight operations.



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